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One of the questions that potential business owners usually ask is “how can I make money doing what I love to do?” Very often, these optimistic entrepreneurs get discouraged when others declare that the activities they love to do can’t translate into dollars in the real world.

Many people have been led to believe that it’s more important to pursue a career for the money it can bring, instead of the sense of satisfaction that it can create. Many entrepreneurs settle for choosing business opportunities that promise to produce cash, figuring that this will in turn give them contentment.

Is it impractical to believe that you really can match your income source to your personal fulfillment?

Walt Goodridge, author of Turn Your Passion into Profit, disagrees. Goodridge has coined a new word, passionpreneur, to describe persons who have created a passion-centered business. “Passionpreneurs realize that their business is an extension of themselves,” Goodridge explains. “They therefore desire a business that is not only financially profitable, but one that supports their highest calling as well.”

Goodridge reveals that ‘passionpreneurs’ differ from traditional entrepreneurs by designing a purpose-driven business instead of a market-driven one, and seeking the passion before they seek the profit.

Becoming passion-centric in your business first requires you to find your purpose in life, which is the reason you were created and the contribution you make to the world; and then discover your passion, which forms a part of your life’s purpose.

How I became a ‘passionpreneur’
I remember when I came to the realization that I had to pursue my own business. I really enjoyed my job – the camaraderie, atmosphere and opportunities – but I realised that I was not feeling fulfilled in the work I was doing. It was not enough for me to do a job for the sake of a pay cheque, any more.

I thought about my purpose in life and I knew that I was designed to encourage people to achieve. I was really passionate about motivating people to become financially empowered, and hearing their stories of achievement. Then I realised that my job was becoming more administrative, which was moving me away from my purpose and passion. I resolved immediately that I had to find a way to get paid for doing only what I loved to do.

Turning your passion into profit
The key to translating your purpose and passion into monetary returns is the realization that every passion has a value, Goodridge explains. This means that “everyone can be rewarded for the pursuit of something that has special meaning in their lives,” he confirms. Once you have identified the unique value that is inherent in your passion, the next step is to identify a product or service that will provide you with the means to accomplish your purpose.

The secret to creating a profitable, passion-focused business lies in Goodridge’s powerful declaration, “If you create and market a product or service through a business that is in alignment with your personality, incorporates your experiences, harnesses your talents, optimizes your strengths, and honors your life’s purpose, there is absolutely no way that anyone can offer the same value that you do.”

For me, once I determined that I would never again work outside of my purpose, it was relatively easy to design products and services that reflected my passion and provided opportunity for profit. To learn more about discovering your purpose, and turning your passion into profit, go to www.passionprofit.com.

(c) 2009 Cherryl Hanson Simpson

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