Spicing It Up

The brainchild of twin brothers Marlon and Marvin Stuart, Local Spice’s Complete Seasoning was birthed in January 2010. After just three months on the market, their blend of natural spices earned rave reviews from Phil Lempert, one of America’s leading consumer trend-watchers and analysts.

During an episode of his popular weekly programme New Product Hits and Misses, which was featured on ABC News Now, Lempert gave Complete Seasoning an impressive rating of 95 out of 100. The product received top marks for taste, value, health, ingredients, preparation, appearance and packaging.

“This product is a hit! If you have ever been to the Caribbean and especially to Jamaica you know that when it comes to spice there is no comparison. I love this Complete Seasoning from Local Spice. The combination of scallions, hot peppers, salt, black pepper, allspice and thyme is extraordinary. It comes in a liquid consistency that is perfect to spread on fish or chicken, pasta or add to just about any recipe,” said Lempert, who is commonly referred to as the “Supermarket Guru”.

This is the kind of dream start that every entrepreneur envisions! Watch as Marlon and Marvin tell the story of their spicy beginnings on Television Jamaica’s interview program ‘Profile.’

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