Welcome to the Club!


A friend recently lamented to me about the collapse of his first entrepreneurial venture which left him down in debt instead of plush in profit. He was definitely taken aback when I cheerfully responded “Congratulations, welcome to the club!” I explained that having experienced this initial setback, he had successfully […]

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Business Lessons from the NBA Finals


I enjoy watching several sports, and I especially appreciate basketball for its fast-paced action. It’s quite entertaining to observe the highly competitive players battle with drive and determination for over 48 minutes, until one team achieves its ultimate objective of winning the game. Recently, Game 6 of the 2013 NBA […]

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Blogging Turns Japanese Dream Into Reality

Kelroy Brown in a sushi restaurants in Japan

Photo courtesy of youthlinkjamaica.com I usually encourage Jamaicans who are trying to earn extra money to look to the World Wide Web for a source of income. The global marketplace can be a mere mouse click away! I recently came across a story about Kelroy Brown, a young Jamaican who for […]

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The Power of Word-of-Mouth


Effective marketing is the lifeblood of an entrepreneur’s operations.  There are two main challenges for most business start-ups – how to get people to know they exist and how to convince them that they should buy their product or service. How can an entrepreneur be successful at marketing with a […]

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Valuable Life Lessons


In my first job at a public relations firm, I was required to attend clients’ events and write press releases for the newspapers. I had no particular knowledge about, nor interest in PR; I had only applied for this job because my best friend had worked there in the summer […]

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Community Effort to Earn is No Folly


(Photo courtesy of the Jamaica Observer, March 4, 2013) I love to hear stories of community groups who work together to earn income. Recently I was encouraged to read of the folks in the Old Folly community in Discovery Bay, St. Ann who have been engaged in income-generating activities such […]

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Is This The Right Time to Start a Business?


If you have been thinking about starting your own business, you might be nervous about the current economic climate. Is is really advisable to begin a business is the middle of a recession? Are there any industries that might actually be viable at this time? It’s understandable if you disbelieve […]

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Jamaican Way of Life – Good for Biz?


(Photo courtesy of ABC News) Once again, Jamaica is all over the news. At least this time, its for a good reason! VW pre-released its SuperBowl 2013 advertisements:  a teaser with Jimmy Cliff singing background vocals, and a commercial featuring a white American speaking with a Jamaican accent, trying to brighten […]

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Young Social Entrepreneur Wants to Feed 5000


(Joseph Wellington photo of Jordan Bennett courtesy of the Jamaica Observer, December 24, 2012) I came across a heartwarming Christmas story in a local newspaper of an 18 year-old young man who not only had a head for business, but had a heart for doing what he could to make social […]

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The Business of Philanthropy


Despite the heavy commercialization of Christmas, many businesses use this holiday to help the less fortunate in the society, ensuring that at least one day of their lives is filled with food and fellowship. But after the Christmas excitement has faded, what part does charity play in the other eleven […]

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Business Lessons Gangnam Style


Unless you have been living as a hermit for the past three months (or just been really, really busy), you would have seen or at least heard of the music video Gangnam Style by South Korean artiste PSY. In a short time, this Internet phenomenon has captivated the hearts, minds and dance […]

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Business Lessons from Usain Bolt


  When Usain Bolt finished the 100 metres final of the 2012 London Olympics in a new meet record of 9.63 seconds, the eyes of millions of people were keenly watching his performance. With his brilliant accomplishment, the Jamaican sprint star demonstrated to his many fans around the world that […]

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