Tamarind Season Isn’t a Bad Thing!


In Jamaican parlance, ‘tamarind season’ has negative implications for business owners. It signifies a time when retail sales decline and nobody is a buying mood. As an entrepreneur, you definitely don’t want to experience this kind of season for too long! Well, merchants in other countries may disagree with our […]

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Plastic Bottle, Water & Bleach Light


Tired of high light bills? (Aren’t we all?) Who knew that a plastic bottle, water and a little bleach could bring light into a dark world? Mere words fail me to adequately describe the potential of this ‘light bulb’.┬áTake a look at this video to see for yourself! This brilliant […]

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Miracle Tree Grows in Jamaica


I remember the first time I heard about the Neem tree about 4 years ago. It seemed too good to be true that so many wonderful benefits could be derived from just one tree. A friend who had a tree in her backyard told me that┬áthis modern-day miracle could treat […]

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Going loco over coconuts


Check out this episode of “How I Made My Millions,” an CNBC show about entrepreneurs that I absolutely love. The last story talks about the success of a coconut water product that’s taking the USA by storm. I recently bought a box of coconut milk at a major supermarket, as […]

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