Why Do So Many Small Businesses Fail?


A common complaint from local entrepreneurs is that it is extremely difficult to operate a business in Jamaica. However, business challenges are not limited to this country, as international statistics indicate that anywhere from one-third to one-half of new enterprises will fold within the first five years of operation. While […]

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Getting out of business debt


“I’m desperately seeking a way to turn around my business. I’ve run up a lot of debt in trying to promote a new product, but sales are not coming in fast enough to cover my repayments. I am confident that I’m about to make a breakthrough as more customers are accepting my […]

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Business Lessons from the NBA Finals


I enjoy watching several sports, and I especially appreciate basketball for its fast-paced action. It’s quite entertaining to observe the highly competitive players battle with drive and determination for over 48 minutes, until one team achieves its ultimate objective of winning the game. Recently, Game 6 of the 2013 NBA […]

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Is This The Right Time to Start a Business?


If you have been thinking about starting your own business, you might be nervous about the current economic climate. Is is really advisable to begin a business is the middle of a recession? Are there any industries that might actually be viable at this time? It’s understandable if you disbelieve […]

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Business Lessons Gangnam Style


Unless you have been living as a hermit for the past three months (or just been really, really busy), you would have seen or at least heard of the music video Gangnam Style by South Korean artiste PSY. In a short time, this Internet phenomenon has captivated the hearts, minds and dance […]

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Business Lessons from Usain Bolt


  When Usain Bolt finished the 100 metres final of the 2012 London Olympics in a new meet record of 9.63 seconds, the eyes of millions of people were keenly watching his performance. With his brilliant accomplishment, the Jamaican sprint star demonstrated to his many fans around the world that […]

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Can Social Networking Help Your Business?


  Unless you’ve been living as a recluse for the last few years, or you’ve chosen to ignore the technological advancement of the Internet, chances are that you have heard of the concept of social networking. The way that the world communicates in the 21st century has been completely transformed […]

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Things To Consider Before You Start a Business


Unlike her co-workers, Camille had been ecstatic at the news of the closure of the company she had worked at for nearly 20 years. As she mentally calculated her expected redundancy package, she was delighted that her dream of starting her own catering business could finally become a reality. As […]

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Are you an Employee or Entrepreneur?


In this challenging economy, the terms ‘downsizing’ and ‘outsourcing’ have become a regular part of the workplace vocabulary, and many employees are obliged to look for entrepreneurial ventures to replace their job income. As more students leave the classroom to join the workforce, they find that there are few ready-made jobs, so creating […]

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