A Screen (Big) Shot

In Jamaica, it’s not unusual for householders to complain about shoddy workmanship or poor customer service from tradesmen. There are countless stories of woe from people who were disappointed by the efforts of contractors who promised the best, but delivered their worst.

For this reason, I try not to hire a contractor without getting a great recommendation, or at least meeting the person to see if ‘mi spirit tek to dem’ (kudos to my female instincts!).

Therefore it was a little out-of-character for me to give a contractor the go-ahead to start work without doing my usual due diligence.

Several months ago, I had cut out a small newspaper ad for a screen door company, with the intention to file it for future reference. However, the makeshift insect netting on my parents’ grille doors was not keeping out the mosquitoes anymore, and I needed a quick solution.

The ad read: Tired of having roaches, lizards and mosquitoes around? (Me: YES!!!) Call Screens Unlimited.

I called the number which was promptly answered by Wayne Nathan, the owner. He promised to visit the property in a few hours and provide me with an estimate. Wayne was accommodating about my budget and gave me the assurance that I would be very pleased with the results.

By the following day, Wayne and his team were on time, on spot, ready to solve my mosquito problems. Listening to this 17-year veteran of the screen door business instruct his team made me confident that the job would be done satisfactorily.

I will admit that I am VERY particular about quality workmanship. I’ve dabbled in various creative ventures and I’m hobbled by a serious case of OCPD. I’ve been known straighten the pictures on other people’s walls, because it drives me crazy to see something out of line!

So I was pleasantly surprised when I went to inspect the finished work of Screens Unlimited. In fact, I was blown away by the ingenuity and attention to detail that went into the job.

There was reinforced meshing to deal with my Mom’s hyperactive dog who kept tearing the netting; mini sliders for access to the locks; custom built frames to compensate for the awkward way the grilles were originally hung.

The three grille doors now looked stunning and critter-proof. This was the result of first-class engineering merged with good old Jamaican ‘tun-han-mek-fashion’. I could just picture the mosquitoes cursing their luck as there was no way they were getting inside again!

BIG UP Screens Unlimited! Unlimited professionalism, unlimited potential, unlimited profit!



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