Jamaican Ingenuity Brings Biz Opportunity

Photo credit – Rasbert Turner, The Jamaica Gleaner

I recently read a story in the Jamaica Gleaner newspaper about an enterprising man who turned an unused garden equipment into a business opportunity.

Kevin Spence, a trained auto mechanic, converted a 15-horsepower riding lawn mower into a amusement ride for kids. He created a cover the the section that housed the engine and later added three coaches with the help of his friends. He finished up the project by painting it the colours of the Jamaica flag.

LOVE THIS example of how Jamaicans can ‘tun yuh han’ an mek fashion!’

Innovation is the life blood of entrepreneurship, so keep your eyes open for opportunities to make profit from the resources you have right on hand.

Read the full story of how Spence was inspired to create this innovative playground ride HERE.

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