Blogging Turns Japanese Dream Into Reality

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I usually encourage Jamaicans who are trying to earn extra money to look to the World Wide Web for a source of income. The global marketplace can be a mere mouse click away!

I recently came across a story about Kelroy Brown, a young Jamaican who for many years dreamed of visiting Japan. It seems that Kelroy has an affinity for all things Japanese, so he started a blog called (I wonder if he coined that great name?)

In 2010,  Kelroy decided to start a campaign called “Operation Visit Japan” in which he planned to raise the funds required to travel to the place of his dreams.

He calculated that between January 2010 and March 2011, he could save US$100 each month from his salary and earn around US$1,200 from advertising revenue on his blog. This would be enough to finance his trip to the ‘Land of the Rising Sun.’

Kelroy’s dogged determination paid off and in late 2011 he accomplished his ambitious objective.

Here is proof that it is possible to create a blog, post interesting articles, attract regular followers and earn foreign exchange right from your home.

I hope you will be encouraged to try your own online venture after reading more about Kelroy’s feats in this YouthLink Magazine article.


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