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Unless you have been living as a hermit for the past three months (or just been really, really busy), you would have seen or at least heard of the music video Gangnam Style by South Korean artiste PSY. In a short time, this Internet phenomenon has captivated the hearts, minds and dance floors of millions of people around the world.

I got my first look at the popular dance moves while watching the ICC World Twenty20 cricket competition a few weeks ago. West Indian batsman Chris Gayle revealed snippets of the Gangnam Style during matches against Ireland and England, and then led the entire team in a spontaneous rendition as they celebrated their tournament win.

Intrigued about the origins of the dance, I checked online for more information, and was immediately captivated by the catchy tune found on YouTube.

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According to Wikipedia, Gangnam Style refers to a lifestyle associated with the Gangnam district in the capital city, Seoul, “where people are trendy, hip and exude a certain supposed class.”

What one dance can do

With over 640 million hits to date, PSY’s offering is currently the second most popular upload, and has been lauded by a South Korean minister for playing an important role in introducing their culture to the rest of the world. UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon has even declared that the song’s feel-good nature can be viewed as a “force for world peace.”

To be honest, I don’t think people (unless they are already dance stars) look cool doing the Gangnam. In fact, Jamaicans have created many dancehall moves over the years that are more visually appealing than Gangnam Style. Lyrically, the song is weak; and overall, the video’s message lacks substance. Despite all of this, I still can’t get enough of its infectious rhythm!

Love it or loathe it, Gangnam Style has left an indelible mark all around the world. What is it about this childish horse-trot dance, which the artiste admitted was developed after testing various “cheesy” animal moves, that has brought instant fascination, fame and fortune?

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