Business Lessons from Usain Bolt


When Usain Bolt finished the 100 metres final of the 2012 London Olympics in a new meet record of 9.63 seconds, the eyes of millions of people were keenly watching his performance.

With his brilliant accomplishment, the Jamaican sprint star demonstrated to his many fans around the world that he is indeed a legend in his own time.

Bolt’s attitudes, actions and achievements give us examples that are worthy of emulating. After watching him win another gold medal for Jamaica, my thoughts turned to areas in his life that could educate and encourage entrepreneurs.

Let’s look at some of the business lessons that we can learn from Bolt:

Choose a business that you love

It has been said that if you find a job doing what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life. Watching Bolt run, it is obvious that he enjoys his life’s work of competing in athletic events around the world. With a smile on his face and a dance in his step, Bolt makes the arduous mission of winning races look almost easy.

Similarly, running a business can be more fulfilling if you are operating in a field that you really love. An entrepreneur’s life can often be filled with challenges; so when the tough times come, it is easier to keep going if you are truly motivated by your daily tasks. You will also find it easier to attract customers when you are passionate about your business.

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