2012 Earning Ideas

Find solutions to problems, package your skills this year:
Sunday Observer, January 8, 2012

WITH the excitement of the holidays and the elections behind us, one thing everyone can agree on is 2012 will be a tough year and all Jamaicans could do with extra money. So what are the areas in which one can earn extra income?

According to money coach and founder of Financially SMART Services, Cherryl Hanson Simpson, one should think about finding solutions to people’s problems, package the skills you have, and tap into the global market through the Internet.

“Regardless on the size of your business, you have to understand, entrepreneurs make money by solving people’s problems. There are opportunities wherever you can provide a service or product to someone. It could be at your school, your workplace or church, wherever people are gathered. Try to think about what is it that people want that they are willing to pay money for,” she said.

Click HERE to read more and find out about some great income generating ideas for 2012.

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