Miracle Tree Grows in Jamaica

I remember the first time I heard about the Neem tree about 4 years ago. It seemed too good to be true that so many wonderful benefits could be derived from just one tree.

A friend who had a tree in her backyard told me that this modern-day miracle could treat skin and hair problems, infections and fever. It could also get rid of your garden pests while detoxifying your liver.

It was actually easier to ask what Neem couldn’t do, than to question its long list of beneficial purposes.

Last year, I became re-acquainted with the Neem tree when I noticed a lady pulling bunches of leaves from a tree outside a building.

Curious, I asked her why she was gathering them, and she explained that she used the Neem leaves as a tea. Apparently, she found it helpful in lowering her blood pressure and controlling her diabetes.

Since then, I have been continuously amazed at the abundance of Neem trees that exist in Jamaica. They seem to grow easily and can be found along sidewalks, in apartment complex parking lots and in green areas within the corporate district in Kingston.

I have done a little research on this ‘Miracle Tree’ from India, and believe that we need to capitalise on this blessing that grows right under our noses. Check out this website that showcases many of the wonderful products that can be made from this wondrous tree.

Any enterprising entrepreneurs want to take on the challenge of making Jamaican Neem products?

Keep your entrepreneurial dreams alive!

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  • Hello, i`m from POrtugal and i´m interested in planting one or two Neem Trees in my back yard.

    Were can i find seeds for that?


    Ricardo Vieira

  • Hi Ricardo.
    I’m not sure if the Neem tree is grown in Portugal. It was actually imported to Jamaica from India, for preventing pests on plants.
    You could check with your national forestry department or agency that supports agriculture to see if the Neem is available.
    I don’t know it is legal to carry seeds from another country into Portugal, so you could check on that as well.

  • hi: I am hoping to make a product from the neem extract. where can i get the seeds or find the trees?

  • B.Sc.Agriculture graduate,from India,aged 61,well experienced in neem projects.
    Please also watch my videos in you tube channel ‘Neem magic’

    Seeks a suitable volunteer job for neem projects in Jamaica

  • Hi im amoie fro st ann are there any neem plants found in this parish i have several health problems i want to get rid of

  • Please do some research on Mahaneem. The above picture you posted is NOT Neem, but Mahaneem, which is poisonous and can NOT be used like Neem. I myself would LOVE to buy a little Neem tree or Neem seeds. Does anybody know where I can get them in Jamaica W.I.? Thanks in advance. I thought I’ve found a tree and did some research on it. Unfortunately it was a Mahaneem (eventhough several people told me it is a Neem tree). In India they know about the Mahaneem and that it can not be used. It looks nearly the same. The Neem leaves are a little lighter in colour and at the end of a branch there is never a single leaf.

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