Are you an Employee or Entrepreneur?

In this challenging economy, the terms ‘downsizing’ and ‘outsourcing’ have become a regular part of the workplace vocabulary, and many employees are obliged to look for entrepreneurial ventures to replace their job income.

As more students leave the classroom to join the workforce, they find that there are few ready-made jobs, so creating a self-generated income source might be their only option.

I believe that practically everyone has the ability to improve their finances by utilising their talents and taking advantage of opportunities, and I always encourage persons to use their creativity to earn part-time income.

However, becoming a full-time entrepreneur involves much more than just acting on an idea and sourcing funds to start a business.

It can be debated whether entrepreneurs are born with a natural business instinct, or if persons can be taught to become entrepreneurial.

While I believe that there is a little bit of both nature and nurture in each successful business person, there are certain personalities and mindsets that are non-negotiable in order for an entrepreneur to succeed.

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