Can Social Networking Help Your Business?


Unless you’ve been living as a recluse for the last few years, or you’ve chosen to ignore the technological advancement of the Internet, chances are that you have heard of the concept of social networking.

The way that the world communicates in the 21st century has been completely transformed by this phenomenon.

Social networking is a web-based structure that allows persons who have common interests to interact freely online; sharing comments, ideas and stories.

Some of the more popular networks include Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and MySpace. Research indicates that avid social networkers will spend several hours per day communicating with their online friends.

With over 500 million users [2010 figures], Facebook is the king of all the networks; and it offers the most options for a business to create a meaningful online social presence. If you’re a Facebook newbie, click to read  some great tips on how to make use of this opportunity…

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