Things To Consider Before You Start a Business

Unlike her co-workers, Camille had been ecstatic at the news of the closure of the company she had worked at for nearly 20 years.

As she mentally calculated her expected redundancy package, she was delighted that her dream of starting her own catering business could finally become a reality.

As soon as she received her final pay cheque, Camille turned her attention to setting up an upscale eatery that rivalled the bistros found in South Beach, Florida.

Awash with cash, she spared no expense in creating the right décor and an enviable menu. Excited at the prospects of her first business venture, Camille opened her doors with a flurry of promotions and pizzazz.

Fifteen months later, Camille is singing a different song. Gone is the optimistic fervour of the newbie entrepreneur; today Camille is burnt-out, broke and begging for someone to buy her out.

What went wrong with her grand business idea?

Click here to find out what Camille didn’t know before she started her business…

(c) Cherryl Hanson Simpson

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